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              苏州生产基地 Suzhou Factory

                    1998年,吴江市万事达环保溶剂有限公司(公司原名)成立,以生产和销售高沸点芳烃溶剂、石油甲基萘、均四甲苯,后增加了低萘系列高沸点芳烃溶剂,偏三甲苯,均苯四甲酸二酐等等。在经营多年后的2017年,由于企业发展需要,完成股份制改造并且更名为 鹏辰新材料科技股份有限公司(位于太湖之滨——苏州市吴江区)。




                    We were founded in 1998, located in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, on the shore of Taihu Lake.

                    We mainly produces and sells High Boiling Point Aromatic Solvents, Petroleum Methylnaphthalene and Durene, and later, High Boiling Point Aromatic Solvents with low naphthalene, 1,2,4-Trimethyl Benzene,1,3,5- Trimethyl Benzene, PMDA,etc.

                    Over the years, we mainly focus on the production, R & D and sales of High Boiling Point Aromatic Solvents. By using the aromatics separation technology of Tianjin University, we constantly improve the quality of products, and develop towards the direction of environmental protection, so that our products are widely praised in China and abroad.

                    At the same time, Pengchen also a high-tech enterprise selected by China, and has passed the secondary standardization and ISO system certification.

                    As our products are involved in a wide range of fields, almost all industries are more or less related to our products. This means that we have a heavier social responsibility, we must pay more attention to the "green" and "environmental protection" of products, and constantly develop better products.

                    Pengchen has been the most Professional Solvents Manufacturer, committed to the coexistence of human and nature. We want to contribute to society and the country.


              连云港生产基地 Lianyungang Factory

                    2016年,我们在连云港市徐圩新区成立了全资子公司 连云港鹏辰特种新材料有限公司,注册资本1.5亿元人民币,仅一期工厂设计产能就达到了50万吨,并配套9万立方米及外租1.5万立方米储罐。



                    In 2016, we established a wholly-owned subsidiary Lianyungang Pengchen Special New Materials Co., Ltd. in Xuwei New District, Lianyungang City, with a registered capital of 150 million(CNY). The design capacity reached 500,000 tons, and equipped with 90,000 m³ of storage tank.

                    Because of its large scale, After nearly 5 years of construction, it has been officially put into operation by the end of 2020. The industrial zone is one of the seven petrochemical industrial bases planned by Chinese government.

                    Lianyungang Pengchen not only inherits all the products and technologies of the original parent company, but also adds a lot of R & D and production of deep processing products.

                    Now, with the joining of Lianyungang subsidiary, We have become the company with the largest output in China.

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              地 址:江苏省苏州市吴江区平望镇西
              销售部:胡 13375160921;油品用途请联系 谈 13809055555(工作日8:00-16:00)
              出   口:蒋 15150280215;mayon@pengchen.com/shirly@pengchen.com
              电   话:0512-63680537(总机);传  真:0512-63688189
              邮 箱:mayon@pengchenchem.com
              网 址:www.pengchenchem.com


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